A dealership in the Bahamas predicted that electric vehicles will account for 30 percent of all new car sales within five years, despite rivals' concerns that the nation should first "catch up with the rear." Pia Farmer, a partner at Easy Car Sales, stated that their goal is to sell 300 electric vehicles by 2023, following a 50 percent growth last year. The dealership is "aiming" for a similar expansion in 2024, citing public vehicle charging stations and demand outpacing supply as the main obstacles to sector growth.

Another dealership expressed belief in exponential growth, targeting a 50 percent increase this year compared to the previous year. They anticipate this trend to continue, with the challenge being to provide enough electric vehicles to meet the demand.

The president of the Bahamas Motor Dealers Association (BMDA) expressed skepticism that electric vehicles would be the sole solution to the industry's sustainability issues in the future. He added that the launch of the segment in the Bahamas lacked vital supporting infrastructure and proper disposal methods for the lithium batteries used by electric vehicles.

The issue with the electric vehicle sector is that it has been prioritized over other considerations, such as the stability of the electrical grid, the cost of electricity, and the lack of proper lithium battery disposal, which is harmful to the environment. He also mentioned the "explosive" nature of lithium-related fires, based on experiences in other parts of the world, and emphasized the need for firefighters to be trained to handle them.

The head of the BMDA stated that his "major concern" was whether there were enough trained mechanics in the Bahamas. While electric vehicles have their place, there are studies showing that providing everyone with an electric vehicle is not sustainable over time.

The cost of replacing a battery currently ranges between $15,000 and $20,000. Some people buy both new and used electric vehicles. The question arises: what happens if they reach a point where battery replacement is necessary, the warranty has expired, and they cannot afford a new battery?