Surely you have seen some luxury cars of the great Hollywood celebrities, singers, actors who sport their cars of more than $200,000. Surely you have been left with your mouth open when you see those cars, their beautiful designs and above all that they are expensive. Here we show you that those cars are nothing compared to this which is said to be the most expensive, luxurious and powerful car in the world that surely everyone would want to own.

A new car called Rolls-Royce Sweptail has been leaked and its price is around 13 million dollars which officially makes it the most expensive luxury and powerful car in the world.

This one appeared in the contest of elegance in Villa d'Este, in a city near Milan, Italy, the UK company Rolls-Royce has revealed this unique model: the Sweptail. This car has been designed and produced solely at the request of a single customer. The car is a combination of the Phantom Coupe and a concept car that has been inspired by the classic cars of the 1920s.

But apparently only this man will be able to pay this large sum and makes him the only man who can pay such a large amount. Apparently, this "special" Rolls has a cost of approximately 12.8 million dollars that its wealthy owner invested. This huge price has made it the most expensive new car in the world, it has left others behind. It easily beats, certainly, the $ 4.8 million asking price for the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita or the $4.5 million asking price for another supercar, the Lamborghini Poison.

Despite all this, the identity of the buyer still remains anonymous, probably for security reasons, as we know it is a 13 million dollar car that must take care of thefts, collisions. Without a doubt, this is a powerful car that makes it the best car in the world.

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